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Loose-Fill Playground Mulch

Whether you are installing new playground mulch or topping off your existing playground mulch, Mulch Outfitters can complete your installation within hours with no mess. Loose-fill playground mulch usually has a lower initial cost than unitary safety surfacing and can be installed by hand or with our powerful blower trucks, which minimize the time and mess required.

Mulch Outfitters offers a variety of quality loose-fill playground mulches made from materials such as hardwood engineered wood fiber, Cypress engineered wood fiber, and colored safety rubber. Our loose-fill playground mulch drains easily and dries quickly, is environmentally friendly and can be installed over soil in just a couple of hours.

Our installation specialists are trained in federal playground safety regulations, and our loose-fill playground mulch is rated for fall heights up to 12 feet.


Types of Loose-Fill Playground Mulch

Unitary Surfaces

Installation Process

Using our blower trucks, we can fill an average playground with loose-fill playground mulch in just a few hours, with no mess or damage to surrounding areas.

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Loose Fill Mulch


Loose-fill playground mulch must be topped off regularly to maintain the safety of the children who play there.

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Loose Fill Mulch


We offer a range of playground safety surfacing accessories, such as mats and borders, and can help you choose the right accessories based on your playground needs and budget.

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